The water is rising, and as it rises it fills with more and more debris. This happens every spring during the rainy season, but normally it only happens to the canal which runs next to my apartment. This time it's happening in my bathroom.

I did a laundry in the afternoon, rewashing some t-shirts that came out a bit dirty after the last one. At the time, I noticed that the water was draining very slowly after each cycle ended and it washed out, dirty, on to the bathroom floor.

I assumed then that it was caused by a matting of lost hair beneath the drain cover. This has happened ever since I grew my hair out, and every couple of months when things start to get really clogged, I have to perform a procedure that I like to call 'pulling Sadako out of the drain'.

This time things didn't improve after I removed Sadako. Worse still, when I went to wash my hands afterwards, the water in the bathroom rose. Clearly the sink shares the same outlet pipe as the bathroom. Over 200 pumps with the plunger later and the water was at the same level, but my hands were a lot more dirty - necessitating another trip to the sink when it came time to eat dinner.

The water was initially fairly clear, but over time it is becoming more cloudy, and now there's debris (from the drain or from the floor of the bathroom?) floating around on the surface. Helpless, I watch the water rise. Perhaps inaction is the best course of action at this point - perhaps if I do nothing, evaporation will outpace the rising water? 3 am on a Sunday morning, there really isn't much choice.

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