the first thing i do when i get up in the morning is to make the trip to seven eleven for an onigiri and a 500 ml pet bottle of juice or tea. if i get up early enough, i can still smell the previous night's drying piss as i pass by the side of the dentist's office across the street. it's a bit strange, really, because the dentist's building is adjacent to a rather large parking lot on one side and the toilet-equipped seven eleven on the other - but for some reason, the prime location for urinating is neither in seven eleven's toilet nor towards the back of the parking lot, well out of view. instead, the naive pedestrian is at real risk of bumping into the shoulder of the urinator who couldn't be bothered to take more than one step off the sidewalk (if even one step).

sometimes i can even smell last night's urine as i round the corner of my own building where the english 'peace on earth' sticker is posted at ankle height. that's a bit depressing, really. the white residue on the wall clearly indicates that the 'peace on earth' initiative is already in its 4th or 5th incarnation, forced closer and closer to the curb with each removal and reposting. so as if that wasn't bad enough already, it's the recipient of regular libations of urine. i suppose it's more conspicuous this way, at least.

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