"you're using your cough to communicate with them"

what's that? i've just had a bit of a case of the flu, is all.

"they put a chip in your head. it can't read your thoughts or anything like that - that's far beyond their currently level of sophistication - but they've conditioned you so that you subconsciously transmit information to them by coughing."

who are they? what sort of information could they possibly want from me while i'm at a movie theatre?

"no, you wouldn't remember. they follow you around, always staying at a distance - just close enough to hear your coughing. have you noticed that you're coughing more than usual recently?"

well, like i said, i've had the flu. i haven't been feeling well for a while, i guess, but it's just because work has been really heavy recently and i've been suffering from insomnia. when i do sleep, i always have these horrible nightmares.

"fine. look, we'll drop the subject for now. but if you ever want to know the truth, listen carefully when you cough"

latest cd::sleeping possession (databloem records)