The walls of my house are shrinking.

It sounds like a tacky line with which to start a surreal story about claustrophobia in the big city, or a psycho/existential analysis of how we are entrapped and entombed by modern sedentary life. Well, something like that -- I think you get the point. But really, the walls of my house are shrinking.

I can't just leave it at that, though, because I'm sure that would give the wrong impression; you might think that the whole house is shrinking or that the rooms are getting smaller, and that's not the case at all. Very precisely, it's the walls that are shrinking while the house's frame stays put. I'm not sure what the walls are made of - I don't know much about houses, really - but let's just say that they're dry wall for argument's sake. It's something like that. Anyway, in between the dry wall, there's some kind of filler. It looks a bit like styrofoam or kitty litter or the mashed up chunks of paper that you get after you washed your jeans without removing a wad of receipts from the pockets first.

Anyway, if the dry wall shrinks while the wooden beams that hold my house together stay the same size, it's only inevitable that this intramural filler should start seeping out through the gaps between the walls and the beams. I guess this must have been happening for a while, but it's only now that I really clued into it. Clued in to the expanding gap between the walls and the wood beams of the ceiling. Clued into the soft sound of the filler hitting my floor as I try to sleep. Clued into the the otherwise inexplicable ridiculous amount of course-grained dust that piles up on everything in my house.

But why does it fall at night? At first I thought it might just be that night time is the only time when my house is quiet enought to hear the little flakes falling on to my shelves, tables and floor, but after staring at the crack in the wall during the day, I have seen no evidence of daytime progression. More recently, I've concluded that it's related to another strange phenomenon of my house: the night time sound of footsteps on my ceiling.

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