the ceiling isn't flat and it isn't clean. i didn't notice when i moved in, but it sort of dips down towards the centre of the room. when i first registered this, i thought it might be rain damage or water leaking from a pipe or something like that, but there's no other sign of water. i've also seen water-damaged ceilings before, and this doesn't look like one. never mind that, i'm pretty sure the whole apartment block is made out of cement, and i can't think of any circumstances under which cement would sag due to a leaky roof.

as i examine the lump further - i've decided to call it a lump, because it really seems now like something is stuck to the ceiling more than anything - i notice that it is a light brown and has a kind of fibrous, woven texture that is incongruous with the rest of the white-painted cement. but what's this lump doing on my ceiling and when did it get there?

suddenly, overwhelmed with revulsion, i run to my bathroom and vomit on the floor. how could i have never seen it before? there's no way i can sleep under the lump tonight, so after running the shower on the floor for a while, i set up my futon in the adjacent room and close the fusuma. maybe it will be gone in the morning.

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